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Apartment in southern Spain. 40 km east of Malaga and with panoramic views of the Mediterranean

Address: 29751 Caleta de Velez-Malaga, Caleta del Mediterraneo, Spain

Driving Directions

1) Follow the highway from the airport to Almeria (Motrill). Initially you run against Malaga, Seville, Granada .. By Malaga motorway splits.

2) You should drive towards Almeria / Motrill

3) Take Exit 277 (about 50 km from the airport) turn from

4) roundabout - turn right towards Caleta de Velez (then runs about 2 km)

5) roundabout (LIDL on the left). Turn right onto the coast road towards Tore del Mar (N340)

6) Then run around 300 m through the urban area. At the shop Center Merkandona. Run left Merkandona.

7) Proceed 250 m (up) until your meet tennis court. Sharp turn to the left.

8) Proceed 100 m. The building is on your left hand. Steeps to the apartment is left of the bulding

More information

Leif Pedersen, DK, Tele 45 30 63 01 77, Mail: info@ejsingdk.dk